What is epic games launcher and how to install a game through it?

There is a secret gamer hidden in each one of us, whether we are a kid, adult, or young individual. Keeping that in mind, several companies have been developing different games and different gaming platforms where they can find the world’s top games to play. One such platform that was released in the year 2018 is “Epic games launcher” where you can get access to different games under a single roof. This exchange was developed by Epic Games which is quite popular in the gaming world.

epic games launcher

Being a new user on this platform, you might be finding it difficult to get started with installing your favorite game and paving your way out on it. Therefore, this article has been carefully crafted to help you with all your gaming needs on Epic Games Launcher. On this exchange, you cannot get access to the games developed by this portal but also get your hands-on games developed by third-party developers.

What is an epic games launcher?

As already mentioned above, Epic games launcher is a platform from where you can download unreal games that may not be available for download on other platforms. Also, if you become a part of this platform, you will become eligible to get the latest games for free downloads along with exclusive discounts on some popular games. However, to get all of this, you simply need to navigate to its official website and get the launcher downloaded. So, if you have a Windows or Mac device by your side, you can follow the instructions given below to download this launcher on your device.

How do I download the Epic Games launcher on my device?

To get the launcher downloaded, you can follow the instructions that are given below:

  1. First of all, you need to visit one of the Epic games sites i.e. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/home or https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/feed
  2. Now, you will see the “Download” option in the right corner at the top
  3. Then, you’ll be asked to sign in to your account
  4. Here you can choose to sign in or create a new account and follow the steps accordingly
  5. As soon as you log in, the installer file begin to download on your device
  6. If that does not happen, click the corresponding button to initiate the download

Yes, the whole process is pretty simple and can be completed in the blink of an eye. However, if you face any issues, you need to have the patience to deal with the issue.

How to install a game through Epic Games Launcher?

Downloading a game through Epic launcher is pretty convenient. All you have got to do is follow the steps given here with utmost care and you’ll have your favorite game on your device. However, there is one pre-requisite for it i.e. you must have the launcher installed on your device beforehand:

  1. Locate the launcher’s icon on your device and tap-open it
  2. Now, you need to click on the “Library” option
  3. From the given collection of games, choose the one that you wish to install
  4. Then, select the game that you wish to install
  5. It’s time that you choose the download location
  6. And then, click on the “Install” option one more time
  7. Wait patiently until the process goes on
  8. Click on its icon to start playing the game


That was all we could tell you about Epic games launcher and we believe that this much information is enough to get you started with this. Before you get the launcher downloaded on your Windows or Mac, make sure that you have created an account on the Epic Games platform already. If not, you can get it done during the download process as well.

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