Microsoft office install stuck- try these fixes

Some users have reported facing an issue with their Office product. Whenever they try to install it on their device, they get an error message saying office 365 install stuck at 2, 3, 51,58. If you are also facing a similar problem, then you should worry any more because it is a common issue faced by the users. This might happen when the Windows installer is busy or you might be trying to update any other software or program on your pc simultaneously.

Microsoft office install stuck

In case you assign a lot of tasks to the Windows installer, the process for the second task will slow down and you might need to wait longer than usual. Users are suggested to not to cancel the installation but to deal with this issue patiently. They should cancel the installation if it is stuck at 99% and not complete. After this, they can try to reinstall the product. But before they reinstall any product while Windows update is going on, they should wait for it to get completed.

Fix “Microsoft office install stuck” issue

  1. First of all, you need to press the ctrl+alt+delete keys together.
  2. This will open your Task manager window of your device.
  3. From here, select the Processes tab and locate the Windows Update Standalone Installer (wusa.exe)
  4. If it is not there, it means the update has already been completed.
  5. In case, it is not completed, begin the Update installation process.
  6. Reinstall Office and see if it works.

Microsoft office install stuck on running package scripts- fix now

  1. The first thing you need to do is check if the Office application icons already appeared in the Applications.
  2. If they are already there, then you have to go to Activity Monitor and force quit the install.
  3. You should also try to disable the anti-virus before running the installation if there is any.
  4. Here, you might need to wait for long.
  5. You should try to run the install while in “safe mode”.
  6. In case, the problem persists, update your Mac to the latest version.
  7. If you have undergone multiple failed installations, then you should uninstall the product completely and then reinstall it again.

The office is taking long to install, what should I do?

You can easily fix this issue by ending Windows Update and installing Office 2016 or Office 2019 again. You can do it by visiting To stop Windows update, do the following:

  1. When office install gets stuck, you need to press the ctrl+alt+delete together.
  2. After this open the Task Manager.
  3. Go to the Processes tab and click on Windows Update Standalone Installer (wusa.exe)
  4. Further, you have to click on the End task option.

Troubleshoot office is installing in the background stuck

Sometimes, restarting the PC in this situation completes the installation process. Or you can try some other ways to fix it:

  • In case you are using a wireless connection, opt for the wired one because it gives faster internet connectivity.
  • If your internet us slow, try to opt for an office installer.
  • You need to temporarily disable the anti-virus if there is any.

Other than this, you can also run online repair from the Control Panel. If the problem persists, uninstall Office completely and then reinstall it again.

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