How to fix “Microsoft office SDX helper has stopped working” error?

The Microsoft office is one of the trusted software that will provide different provisions to the users in order to create documents that will help the users to complete their work efficiently.  The Microsoft Office sdx helper crash helps the users and many firms along with countless others to complete the routine tasks on a daily basis. There are many issues that are related to the Microsoft office sdx helper crash that sometimes stops working.  In this article, you will get to learn the instructions to fix “Microsoft office sdx helper has stopped working” error.

Microsoft office SDX helper has stopped working

How to deal with “Microsoft office sdx helper has stopped working” error?

You can repair the Microsoft office sdx helper has stopped working error by using a Quick repair tool. Just follow the instructions to understand the concept better:

  1. First of all tap on the “Start” button and go to the “Control Panel” option.
  2. After this, go to the “Programs” tab to see the list of programs and features on your system.
  3. You are now required to choose the Office apps that are facing “Microsoft office sdx helper has stopped working” issue.
  4. Once you have selected the app then you can tap on it.
  5. You will now see the option to change just click on that and select “Quick Repair” option.
  6. Once you click on the options will start the Repair process that will take some time.
  7. When the repair finishes, all you need to do is update the program to see the SDX is fixed or not.

Point to remember: If the Quick repair tool doesn’t work for you, then you can easily try other options for online repair. You can also reboot the system to fix the Microsoft office sdx helper has stopped working error.

How to inspect for conflicting programs with Microsoft office sdx helper crash?

If you have many programs that are running simultaneously then it is vulnerable to slow down the performance of the system which comes up with Microsoft office sdx helper crash issues. If you wish to fix this issue you need to:

  1. Check all the programs that are running in the background unnecessarily.
  2. Remember, the programs that are unnecessarily running then you can shut them down and you can update the Office app to see if the issue still persists or not.
  3. You can just check if any downloaded antivirus program is blocking the permission to download the Microsoft office sdx helper crash.

In a conclusive viewpoint: The Microsoft office sdx helper has stopped working error if still persists then you can visit the official Microsoft website that goes by the URL On the website, you will get the steps or guidelines to fix Microsoft office sdx helper has stopped working.

Frequently answered questions:

What is Microsoft Office SDX helper?

The Microsoft office sdx helper appears to be connected with the Secure Download manager that is used to download and update the Office software, Remember, if you have downloaded the Office installation files then this tool usually comes up with the software to fix issues and errors while working with the Office apps and software.

 How do I stop the SDX helper message?

To stop SDX helper message persisting on-screen, then you have to firstly open the “Task Manager”. Followed by this, go to the “Details” option. Now, you have to right-click on the SDXHelper.exe file. You have to tap on the Windows Explorer to open it. In the end, you have search and tap on the “c:\program files\microsoft office\root\vfs\programfilescommonx64\microsoft shared\office16\” link.

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