Let’s trace the history of Microsoft Office

In today’s article, we shall have a glance at the history of Microsoft Office and how it emerged to be one of the greatest productivity suites in all these years since it existed. Microsoft Office which is also known by just Office is a set of applications that are being for productivity purposes in almost all the organizations of the world. It not just has client software in it, but also offers server software, and others.

History of Microsoft Office

When we talk about the history of Microsoft Office, the most important thing that we should note that it first appeared in the market in the year 1988 on August 1. The release of the first version of Office was done by Bill Gates at COMDEX, Las Vegas. It first premiered with only three basic applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which were enough to simply the work of a large group of people. The feature which I think made people love the software is because it is easy-to-use and saves a lot of time for the users.

How long has Microsoft office been around?

As already mentioned in the previous paragraphs Microsoft Office came in the latter part of the year 1988 which means that it has been 32 years and 5 months as of January 2021.

An overview on the growth of Office applications

Over the past many years since Microsoft Office came into existence, it has successfully made an addition to its set of applications. Apart from this, all the new and old applications have undergone a lot of feature updates over the years. If you are an old Office user, then you must have witnessed how much the classic applications have changed and improved. The scenario is such that you can dictate in the Word software and whatever you speak shall appear in the written format on your screen.

Also, it has also developed a line of Business applications to simplify the work of business professionals. In a report which was shared in the year 2012, it was mentioned that over a billion people use Microsoft Office to accomplish their tasks.

There are a number of versions of Office setup available in the market which has been developed to meet the basic work requirements of varied people using it. The desktop version of the Office application is something that is owned by a lot of individuals. However, you can also access its major applications on your smartphone. The desktop version is available for different operating systems including Windows OS and macOS while the mobile version can be availed on iOS and Android.

In the end:

In 2013 Microsoft released a single means of getting Office which is Office 365. With one license of Office, users can make use of the best features of Office. Apart from the one-time release of Microsoft Office, you can also get their hands on subscription-based plans. In the complete history of Microsoft Office, the most current on-premises version of Microsoft Office is Office 2019 which is released in the year 2018. At the same time, it is suspected that a new perpetual version of Office will be released in the year 2021.

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