How to Activate Office for Free

There is nothing that comes for free but, then there is always a catch. So let us try and understand that what do we get if you are looking for a free version of Office that can be downloaded from

Significance of  Office

Can you think of a day on which you are using your computer in your office or home and you are not able to use Word or Excel? You would feel incomplete and will not be able to complete simple tasks like calculations, you will not be able to do data management and nor will you be able to do assignments. So, to complete all these day-to-day tasks, there is an office that can be downloaded from the official website.

If you visit and download Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on your laptop or computer, you will be able to work easily. Although for using these apps, you need to pay for it as they are not free and they come in different packages depending on the user. So, if you want to use it for home or personal purposes, then there is a package that costs different. But many people do not want to subscribe to these yearly packages and so for them, there are ways you can office for free!

So, let us learn as to how can you get access to Microsoft Office for free. There are basically three ways by which you can get Microsoft office for free, let us look into it step-by-step.

Method 1 – Office 365 Fully-featured Trial Version

To get the fully-featured trial version of office setup from for free, follow the below steps.

  1. Visit www office com setup from your browserOffice 365 Fully-featured Trial Version
  2. Click on the Microsoft logo on the top left side of the page
  3. This is the official website to download office apps for your computer
  4. On this page, just beside the Microsoft logo, there is “office” click on it
  5. Here the webpage will show you two options –“For Home” or “For Business”
  6. Select “For Home” and follow the on-screen instructions

The full version free trial is available only for home purposes so in the “For Home” section there will be an option that reads “Try free for 1 month”.

Method 2 – Office apps via Microsoft Account

Office apps via Microsoft Account

In this method, you will get to use Microsoft Office for free but it will be only online, so you will always have to be connected to the internet to use this service. Let us learn how to do so.

  1. Visit from your browser
  2. Click on the “Create a new account” if you do not have a Microsoft account and follow the on-screen instructions
  3. After logging in, visit in the same browser window
  4. You will now see all available office apps for yourself and these can be used for free

So, this way you can use Microsoft Office apps for free with

Method 3 – Using Microsoft office on android

If you own an android phone then you can use Microsoft office for free. Here is how to do it.

Using Microsoft office on android

  1. On your android phone, open the play store app and search for “Microsoft Word”, “Microsoft Excel”, “Microsoft PowerPoint”, and “Microsoft Outlook”.
  2. Download each app on your phone individually
  3. These are full version office apps available absolutely free of cost

So, the above methods are the different ways by which you can activate Microsoft office for free.

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