How to download and install Office 365 on your PC?

Many users wish to download and install Office 365 on their respective computers and PC but don’t know much about it. Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that clearly offers the Office 2019 desktop applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint along with the other Office Online web applications. Through this article, you will learn the basics such as how to sign up for the service and then install the apps on the computer. The instructions will be clearly elaborated here, so let us fetch some information about the topic.

download and install Office 365

How to buy Microsoft 365 for Home subscription?

Remember, purchasing a subscription to Microsoft 365 involves choosing the version o Office that you want and providing the payment information. Here are the steps that you need to follow to buy Office 365 for Home:

  1. Open the web browser and go to the and sign into the Microsoft account.
  2. Once you sign in, the Office portal will now open where you can access the Office Online apps.
  3. Manage your Office subscription.
  4. Select the option labeled as the “Buy Office” option.
  5. Just select the “Buy Now” for the Office subscription you wish and want to pay an annual subscription fee.
  6. Select “Or buy for $9.99 per month if you prefer to pay a monthly subscription fee.
  7. Review the information in the Cart and select the “Checkout” option.
  8. Select a payment type and choose a credit card or debit card, Paypal, or bank account.
  9. Enter the payment details and select the “Save” option.
  10. Select the “Place order” option.
  11. Your order processes and you will receive an email receipt for the transaction.

How to install Microsoft 365 for Home?

Once you purchase an MS Office 365 Subscription, install Office on your PC. You have to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. First of all, you have to use the computer where you want to install Office.
  2. Now, go to the MS Office 365 Portal page and sign in to your MS Office account.
  3. Select the option labeled as “Install Office”.
  4. After this, go on the “Download and install Microsoft Office 365 Home screen and select the “Install” option.
  5. Depending on the web browser you use, a prompt to Run or Save the downloaded file might appear.
  6. Choose the option labeled as the “Run” option.
  7. The office will get things ready and then install the Office apps.
  8. When the installation finishes, the Office might prompt you to enter an email or phone number to receive a download link for the Office mobile apps.
  9. Follow the online instructions to complete the process.

How to activate MS Office 365 for Home?

Once you have installed Office 365, then you have to activate your subscription by following the steps that are given below:

  1. First of all, you have to open one of the Office apps.
  2. Enter the MS Office 365 email address and password.
  3. On the “Accept the license agreement” screen you have to select the option labeled as “Accept”.
  4. The Office 365 app once opens, then you are ready to create Office documents and spreadsheets.
  5. Follow the instructions that are provided on the screen to complete the process.

How to install Microsoft Office 365 on another device?

You can easily install the Office subscription on as many devices as you want and it is important to know that you can simultaneously sign in to Office on five devices. In order to install Office on another PC, you can use the computer where you wish to install Office and sign in to your MS Office 365 account.

On the Office portal page, you have to choose the “Install Office” option. To install the Office on a mobile device, you have to use the smartphone or tablet where you want to install Office. Then you go to the “Google Play, the Apple Store or Windows” store and download the apps.

How to share your MS Office 365 Home subscription with others?

To share the Microsoft Office 365 Home subscription, you have to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. First of all, you have to sign in with the MS Office 365 account that you used to setup.
  2. Just select the option labeled as “Install Office” on the Office portal page.
  3. Now, you can select the “Start Sharing” tab.
  4. On the Share Office window, you have to either “Invite via email” or the “Invite via Link” option.
  5. When your family member receives the link, they will use the link to install Office on PC.

In a conclusive viewpoint: 

We hope that by now you are able to access the Microsoft Office 365 software on your PC and download and install Office 365 without any interruptions. However, if you are still encountering issues or have difficulties in processing the Office 365 download and install process, then you can visit the official website and get assistance for the same or you can go to On the website you will get the solutions with assistance from the professional experts and technicians.

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