How to get Microsoft Word for free?

The word processing software, Microsoft Word has been the choice of users for decades. If you want to work on any document, Word is the first thing that comes to your mind. So if you are running short of money and you still wish to use Word, then you may get Microsoft Word free on your device. The best way to do is to opt for Microsoft Word online. Some of its tools are available online which allows you to open, edit, as well as view a document.

Microsoft Word for free

Although Microsoft Word free download is not available for the users who do not have the product key, you can easily use it by going online. All you need a Microsoft account to get started and using it. The online option allows you to edit documents that are there in your OneDrive account. You can also upload and create new documents without needing to download the paid version. This online platform saves all your work automatically without clicking on the “Save” button. Not only this, you can share your documents and also allow others to collaborate on it.

How to download Microsoft Word?

Since Word is included in the Office software suite and available at, you have to download the entire package to use it. These steps also work if you wish to download Microsoft Word for Mac. The first necessary requirement for this is to check your system and evaluate that it is meeting the minimum system requirements or not.

  1. Purchase the subscription of Office from the website or the retail store.
  2. If you have purchased a new laptop, then you will get the free trial installed on it.
  3. When the trial version expires, you can directly download the paid subscription by making a quick payment.
  4. Now, download the software by logging in to your account and choosing the right plan and suite.
  5. After this, enter the product key when prompted. You will get the product key at the time of purchasing the package.
  6. To create the shortcut of Microsoft Word, locate the software in the “Programs” menu.
  7. Further, right-click on it and choose “Send to” option.
  8. Finally, select the “Desktop” option from the list.

This is how you can download the software on your device and start using it. Those who wish to use the free Microsoft Word tools can go online and start using it from there. To use the free app of Word on your mobile phones, simply download the application and start using the Word.

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