Privacy Policy

We collect a complete set of data from our valuable customers via different sessions of verbal or non-verbal interactions with them. The data hence is gathered in the form of feedback from the products and the services that we offer to them. It is important to understand that feedback data is collected to bring improvisation in the products and services offered by  Microsoft Office. The data is gathered by listening to the Personal experience of the users along with the perception they have made towards our product. Moreover, it is very much important to know that we also collect secondary data from the third party website.

How we utilize the personal data collected from the users?

The valuable data that we have collected is only to be used for knowing the informative insights to make the amendments to the products and services that the company offers to its users. Therefore, we make effective use of your data to:

  • Improvise and make modifications in our products and services to cope up with the market trends.
  • Give meaningful offers that are instantly available on our products and services.
  • Deliver the services with updated information so that there is no time-lag.

Why we share your personal data?

It is important to know that the data Officemyoffice gathers from our valuable customers is shared with the kind consent and approval from the customers themselves. This is because as we want to have a look at whether there are any pending transactions and then make the changes to the product available online to subscribe. Moreover, this is done so that the personal data that is collected remains genuine and authentic under the Microsoft Office affiliates and subsidiaries. And also this is to protect and maintain the rights of the customers to secure their data available online.

Monitoring the flow of personal data

Microsoft Office allows you to control and manage the flow of your personal data that we collect. In addition to this, you can freely practice the right to secure your personal data. There are some cases, where you need permission from the law and legal authorities to even access the personal data. If you can easily manage the personal data and then:

  • It will be easy for you to get access to the data that is available on the Office dashboard.
  • Putting a limit on the use of personal data can be easily done.
  • You can make effective use of the promotional emails and much more.

Microsoft Office privacy cookies work for you

Our team makes effective use of privacy cookies for storing the personal data for utilizing and making modifications depending upon the preferences and settings to get genuine permission for signing in. The privacy cookies will also help you to block the fraudulent and other phishing activities along with scams using meaningful insights that will protect your data.

Your organization to offer Office products and services

If your Workplace offers a package of Office services and products then your organization can:

  • Easily block some of the Office apps and make changes in privacy settings without your permission.
  • Access the valuable data which is shared via Office apps for the purpose to communicate.
  • Use informative and valuable data from your files and folders to get some insights.

Microsoft Office account for you

If you are one of those users who own an account with MS Office and operate the apps on a regular basis then you do not need to access the permission for the same. The point to understand is the personal data is linked with the Office account and therefore you will get the relevant data such as user’s necessary details to login or to access. If you have signed in to the Office account then you can easily take actions to secure your personal details that are readily available on the website. In addition to this, there are three main types of MS Office accounts that a user generally uses, these are:

  • Personal MS Office account
  • Work or School account
  • Third-party Office account
Other important MS Office Privacy information

There is some important information that is instantly available on the Microsoft’s official website. This information is related to the means by which Officemyoffice can secure personal data. Remember, you can easily look upon or monitor the personal data on the official website. Hence, we make some countable efforts to maintain the commitment to protecting and maintaining the privacy of your data. This clearly states that the privacy policy along with its terms and conditions are applicable to our services.

Point to understand is that there is other valuable information that is easily available on the Official websites and sometimes this information are provided by third parties websites that have genuine and authentic content.


The website contains all necessary information regarding Microsoft Office. This website is purely for Informational and training purpose. Using Microsoft name is only for reference and not with the intention that we have any relationship with Microsoft or its products. Office product, Names, trademarks, images and logos are the property of its proprietors i.e. Microsoft. You are suggested to visit the official website for getting to know the technicalities and specific details regarding Microsoft Office.