Terms and Conditions

Those who are seeking services from this platform should go through these terms carefully. We have simply described the way to use this platform and its services. Your agreement to abide by these terms will allow you to continue receiving services.


To satisfy your queries and to get the answers to the questions you are having in your mind, you can navigate through and use any information given on this website.


  1. Customer registration- to seek the services from this platform, you need to fill up a registration form sharing your personal details.
  2. Provision of services- after registering, you become eligible to access this platform as well as use the free services. It also makes you eligible to post your feedback and check ratings.
  3. Ask for services only if you genuinely require it.
  4. If you haven’t used our services, you should not post any feedback or comment.
  5. We may make the required changes to the Officemyoffice without providing any further notice to the users.
  6. To get your hands on certain services, you need to make payments through certain payment making platforms. Hence, we use only trusted third-party payment gateways.


  1. Passwords and Security- when you register for our services, you are provided with a username and password which you should not disclose to anybody.
  2. Usage policy- you should seek services only if you comply with all the applicable laws and regulations given on this website.
  3. Termination of services- the services offered here can be terminated or canceled if you are found breaching the terms of its use or services.

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