The upcoming Microsoft Windows 11 version with changed UI

Microsoft Office or Office 365 is clustered software for several different applications that are specifically designed to help you with completing significant tasks on a computer and increase the productivity level alongside. It allows you to create and edit different documents that consist of text bodies and images, work with several spreadsheet data and database activities, and craft posters and presentations. And Windows OS has always contributed to the efficiency of all the Microsoft 365 services because it was aimed to act as the platform for the world’s innovative showcase. Microsoft Windows is globally known as a destination for creativity, connection, learning, and achievements. The world relies on it and with the increased technical advancements, which has only hiked it up. This read will help you know about the upcoming operating system version Windows 11 with changes made in Office 365, and its possible release date.

Microsoft Windows 11 version

Encounter the idea of Windows 11

Let’s familiarize you with the idea of a new and improved version of Windows that simplifies the user interface and the experience aiming to improve and inspire innovation and creativity. Every little detail has been carefully crafted to bring you an ultimate sense of ease and empowerment. The “Start” icon is said to be in the centre making it easier to look for what you need. It now utilizes the cloud features to show you all of the files that you have been viewing on an Android or an iOS device. Windows versions always provide flexibility and the ability to manage multi-tasking with running applications side-by-side. And for that, the new Windows 11 will be launching Snap Layout, Snap Groups, and some Desktops which will add to the concept of multi-tasking. The new version will help you in optimizing the organization of your operating system by offering customizations in desktop settings for different aspects of life. And these are just a few of all the different changes that are about to be implemented.

Testing the new User Interface

Recently, the company announced that the changes made in the design of the new Office version or Windows 11, is ready to be tested for use. Although the initial maker of the software tested it, the new user interface or the UI is said to be under testing by the Office Insiders before it is made public to all the Microsoft 365 users. The major changes to be tested are the elegant look of the Office ribbon bar in Word, Excel, Outlook and even PowerPoint. And you can get your hands on all of these features before its release if and when you are a part of the Office Insiders group.

Potential release or launch date

With all the reasonable points of focus, Microsoft has yet not committed to a date or even a month for the release of Windows 11 that will eventually add up to your However, the company did announce that it will be released in the second half of 2021 and “in the holidays”. And that led numerous people to believe that Windows 11 will be launched in October as there have been many noticeable hints from the brand towards that month. In addition to that, Walmart has also announced free updates to the new Windows version to all of their customers. There have been a lot of signs and, for now, Windows 11 for Office 365 is believed to be launched or released in October 2021.


Microsoft Windows has always contributed to people’s potential for creativity and innovation by adding technology and easy working applications. Now, when the world is online for every life activity, Windows 11 is crafted to cater to the modern needs of exclusively online lives. This new version is said to have a great user interface along with capabilities to enhance the user experiences. This read will introduce you to some of the new features of Windows 11, details on how the user interface is undergoing testing by Office Insiders, and information on what looks like the potential release date of the latest version of the operating system.

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