Walkthrough to use Office 2007 version on Windows 10 OS

For those users who like to work on the older version of the office setup, version 2007, we need to know a few things related to the office 2007 version. As it has gone old, there are many changes in the latest version of the office setup. However, many users still using version 2007 and are not ready to accept the latest updated versions. According to them, it is the most comfortable version to work with.

Will office 2007 run on windows 10

Keeping this thing in view this article has highlighted the mechanism behind the Office version 2007 in Windows 10. This will definitely help those who are looking for solutions to run Office 2007 in Windows 10. If you wish to know the features, performance and other of Office 2007 then it is suggested to visit the official website office.com/setup. So, without a further do, let’s get started!!

Will office 2007 run on windows 10?

Yes, Office 2007 can be installed and then run on the Windows 10 operating system.  Although, Office 2007 is no longer a part of mainstream Office support and yet not tested with Windows 10 it can still run in the Windows 10 systems. For more information, visit office.com/setup.

Which versions of Office work with Windows 10?

There are few versions of Office setup that have been completely tested and supported on Windows 10.  And you can still install them on your computer once the upgrading process to Windows 10 is completed:-

  • Office 365
  • Office 2019
  • Office 2016
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2010

How to resolve “can’t install office 2007 on windows 10” error?

There are few steps to be considered when you want to resolve the “can’t install office 2007 on windows 10” error. These steps are as follows”-

  1. Close the installer and then click on the “Start” option and then click on the “Run” option.
  2. You have to type “Regedit” in the RUN tab and then click on the “Ok” option.
  3. Once Regedit opens up click on it to expand and then type “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” > click on “Software” option and then on the “Microsoft”.
  4. Scroll down and search for the “Office” named folder.
  5. Double click on it and then click on the “Delete “option.
  6. Click on the expanded “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” option and then click on the “Software” option and then on the “Microsoft”.
  7. Search for the Office and Office Software Protection Platform folders.
  8. You just have to right-click on both of them and then click on the “Delete” option.
  9. Now, shut down the “Regedit” file and then reboot your computing device.
  10. Try and install Office setup 2007 ON windows 10 now.
  11. If nothing works, then it is suggested to re-install all the .NET framework installed on your device.

Note: – If you are stuck up in the process and still unable to install Office 2007 on Windows 10 then visit office.com/setup.

Can I still use office 2007 with windows 10?

Yes, you can still install, run and use Microsoft Office 2007 with Windows 10. However, there might be some compatible issues but that is also confirmed by the brand that is the version doesn’t have any compatible issues. Office setup does not offer the mainstream support for Office 2007 and this explains the reason why you should not expect any advanced features, fixes or security updates. But this is confirmed that versions that are older than Office 2007 may not work well with the Windows 10 operating system.

Wrapping up:-

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand the working mechanism of Office version 2007 in Windows 10. If you have any further queries to be resolved then feel free to get connected to the Office customer support executives via Support page available on the official website that goes by the URL office.com/setup.

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