Why to update Windows 10 version 1809?

The latest Windows 10 version is 1903, but according to a study, about 30% of the Windows 10 users are still using 1809. Windows 1809 was released on November 13, 2018. Those who are still using Windows 10 1809 can arrange a wide range of fixes for their Operating System. It is better to update the version to KB4505658 which allows some great benefits to its users. Let’s understand how an update to KB4505658 can help to fix a couple of problems.

There are several issues that can be fixed with the latest update:

  1. You may no longer face the issue that does not let newly installed applications or updated software to appear in windows search results.
  2. Usually, without an update, the users encounter the problem where “save” and “save as” options fail to work in Microsoft Office 10 applications under the high contrast mode. This issue is definitely taken care of under the new update.
  3. Several times the applications that manage files, folders, and device settings get affected due to some of the other reasons. Windows 10 update can resolve the problem.
  4. The update is meant to improve compatibility with the Windows-eyes screen reader application.

Steps to Update Windows 10 version 1809

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click update and security.
  3. Now click windows update and select check for updates.

Doing this would help you to be updated with the latest version. In fact, you might be receiving the windows updates automatically. You will be offered the latest Windows 10 feature update based on device compatibility.8Windows 10 1903 update is available- Install now

Also, the update can be imported into Windows Server Update Services manually. Follow the instructions mentioned in the Microsoft Update Catalog Website and make an update to your Windows 10 version 1809. Let’s introduce you to some of the key changes that the update would include.

Key Changes

Some of the most quality improvements that an update would include are:

  1. The websites which use WebAssembly often face performance issue.
  2. An update would help to not to cause an error while using certain data persistence memory technologies.
  3. Certain times the issues arise with enrolling a device in the Windows enterprise commercial data pipeline. Such issues can resolve with the new update.
  4. After an update, all sorts of Hardware support application would install in a timely manner.
  5. Sometimes the personal identification number prompt does not appear while authenticating in Internet explorer. This problem would be resolved with the new update.
  6. The shared PC policies can migrate properly during an upgrade.

Thus, upgrading your Windows 10 version is advantageous in many ways. In case, you are not able to connect to Windows update services due to any reason, you can also ask your local ISP or network administrator for help.

Have you updated your Windows 10 version 1809? If yes, share your experience of using an upgrade. Comment below or visit office.com/setup.

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